Rajware Services Pvt. Ltd. (RSPL) was co-founded by Chitra Raghavan and Raj Chaudhuri in October, 2021, after sixteen years of independent work by the founders in the fields of software training and consulting, event management, public speaking and communications coaching. RSPL is an endeavour to provide these services under a single umbrella.

The Founders


Chitra Raghavan started her career in 1998, doing customer support for a edutech company. Since then, she has vertured into marketing, research, event managent, technical writing, direct marketing and marketing communications. She worked with organizations like Microsoft Corp, Oracle Direct and WNS Global Services until 2005, after which she became a freelance consultant.

An engineer by qualification, she developed an interest and completed a master’s degree in English literature. She also pursued her interest in public speaking to Toastmasters International club, where she qualified as a Competent Communicator, and also served a term as club president. From here, she went on to become the Chief Marketing Officer and Communications Coach at The Happiness Company.

Since 2016, she has turned her attention to technical training and consulting, and works with Raj to design and deliver courses and assignments, especially in the fields of containerization and orchestration.


Raj Chaudhuri started his career in 1991, as a teacher in a computer training institute. He then moved on to software development, and kept moving. He has designed and developed software, led teams, co-founded organizations, served on leadership teams, set up practices, and been a prolific speaker at events. He did this both as an independent professional, and during stints at organizations like Maestros Mediline, Aditi Technologies and Microsoft India.

Through all this, he held on to his teaching roots, by conducting training programs whenever he could. In 2017, he resigned as the CTO of Asymmetrique, and returned to full-time training and consulting.

Raj has always been interested in deeply exploring technology, and then making it easily accessible to others. For a long time, his primary interest was in technologies from Microsoft: core technologies like Windows, Office, .NET,SharePoint, SQL Server et al as well as lesser-known things like MSI installers, Windows CE Platform Builder and Services for UNIX. From 2016 onwards, he switched focus completely to open-source technologies, with special emphasis on containerization and orchestration.