We believe that to use any techonology effectively, you have to understand the motivation behind its creation, and its basic design. All our training programs are built around these two ideas. We also believe that the best way to learn a technology is to use it. Thus, all our trainings are hands-on. After a initial section where we discuss the motivation of any technology, the rest of the training is completely practical.

Our courses are carefully designed to help you understand core ideas, and enable you to explore further on your own, as well as apply the learning in your daily work. The learning is incremental, with each section building on previous ones, and exercises complementing each other. Finally, the courses and exercises are created using our practical experience of the relevant technology, and official documentation from the creators/maintainers of said technology.


We currently offer the following courses:

Containerization with Docker5 daysThis course teaches the concept of containerization as standardized by the OCI, and as implemented by Docker. It covers basic and advanced container concepts, storage and networking, application “stack” management using Compose, and creating custom images.
Orchestration with Kubernetes5 daysThis course provides an in-depth understanding of Kubernetes core concepts. It explains and demonstrates the distributed nature of kubernetes, the power and flexibility of the API, and the role of components such as the backing store, controllers, pod, CNI plugins, volumes, provisioners and metrics management. All topics are covered from both admin and developer perspectives, with examples to match.
Application Packaging with Helm3 daysThis course teaches how to use Helm to create and maintain application packages, or “charts”. Topics covered include: understanding the design and use of Helm, creating application and library charts, creating and updating releases, versioning and upgrading charts, useful Go template techniques, publishing charts to repositories, repo maintainance, the Artifact Hub and best practices.

In addition to the above, the following trainings can be conducted on request:

  • Application Development on Kubernetes (5 days)
  • Monitoring with Prometheus (3 days)
  • Advanced image building with Docker (3 days)
  • Docker on Windows (5 days)
  • Docker on Amazon Web Service (AWS) (5 days)

Custom Training

Our courses are designed to allow for customization, based on:

  1. The specific requirement of the customer for a given program
  2. The profile and experience of the participants

Additional subjects may be included, the amount of coverage given to specific topics adjusted, and domain or function-specific focus (developer oriented vs. infrastructure oriented etc.) applied.


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